Deals modelling

Helping you make the right decisions

Almost every business decision you make will be supported by a financial model. You will need to understand the context, rationale and implications of your critical decisions, and be able to provide insightful analysis to your internal and external stakeholders.

We combine our commercial and broad industry experience with deep technical expertise in building and reviewing financial models. With one of the largest professional services modelling networks outside of Europe, our Deals Modelling team helps you develop the models that you and your investors and financiers will rely on.

Deals modelling

Using our established methodology, we design and build robust, transparent and flexible models that take into account all commercial and financial drivers  to support:

  • acquisitions
  • refinancing
  • joint ventures
  • alliances
  • contract bids
  • asset disposal
  • carve-outs
  • capital projects.

Model review (audit)

We are one of the world's leading model review teams, providing independent model audits for:

  • infrastructure public-private partnerships (PPPs/P3s)
  • sell-side and data rooms
  • buy-side merger and acquisitions

CFO office

We provide a range of support services to Chief Financial Officers including:

  • budgeting and management forecasting
  • cash flow forecasting
  • management and board reporting
  • cash and working capital management
  • strategic planning and forecasting
  • cloud-based forecasting.

Training and support

We can add to your in-house expertise by creating centres of modelling excellence within your organisation, enhancing the modelling and analytical skills and establishing your modelling standards and best practices.

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