Sustainability & Climate Change

The growing global population, demographic shifts, climate change and increasing pressure on natural resources have all brought sustainability to the top of the political, social and business agenda. New regulations have also put a price on commodities and services – like water, air and waste disposal – that were previously inexpensive or free.

Reporting on social and environmental issues has become more important than ever, as consumers, investors and other stakeholders demand greater transparency about all aspects of doing business today. Sustainability presents both major challenges and tremendous opportunities for businesses. In Australia the prospect of future greenhouse gas constraints generates substantial risks and opportunities for businesses.

Working with policy makers and companies since 1997, PwC analyses issues and develops practical solutions to address climate change using a broad range of advisory, assurance, legal and tax expertise.

PwC can help you

  • Evaluate carbon and sustainability risks and opportunities – carbon / environmental footprint analysis, modelling abatement scenarios, valuations, financial / operational / legal due diligence

  • Implement options for economic optimisation – acquisition / divestment strategies, supply chain redesign, asset management, energy / carbon abatement & trading strategies, concessions and grants, project finance

  • Meet compliance obligations – Energy/Carbon reporting, legal review and accounting treatments for environmental (including carbon) assets / liabilities, transfer pricing for financing structures, compliance programs, finance function adaptation, internal audit, assurance over reported carbon data.