Productivity Scorecard series

A timely measure of a regional industry's labour productivity.

The PwC Productivity Scorecard is a quarterly analysis of labour productivity by state and territory and across 16 key sectors.

Labour productivity is defined by the amount of output generated for a given amount of input (hours worked). Productivity is not about making people work harder. Rather, productivity-induced efficiencies provide the potential for an industry to increase its contribution to the Australian economy.

PwC considers generating sustained improvements in productivity to be vital to the long term wealth and standard of living of our nation, and the key economic challenge for Australian governments.

To understand the nation's productivity, we have released the following Productivity Scorecards.

Productivity lens on red tape reduction [Dec 2013] Construction [Oct 2013] Government [Jun 2013] Finance and Insurance [Sep 2012] Manufacturing [Jun 2012] Mining [Mar 2012] Tourism [Dec 2011] Retail [Sep 2011] If you would like to know more about the Productivity Scorecard series or contact our Economics & Policy Team, feel free to email us.