Introducing the Chief Performance Officer

The evolution of the CFO

The finance functions in which most CFOs began their careers would be virtually unrecognisable today. Finance has been transformed by automation, offshoring and centralised sourcing. The walk down the corridor to consult with a colleague is now more likely to be an email to an offshore centre. The next stage of this operational evolution will see more and more finance processes being taken up by combined business service centres, which also include other support functions such as information technology, human resources and administration. If we look forward a few years, how much of a department will be left for the CFO to run?

The remit of the finance function has also begun to change as more time is spent providing strategic insight and advice as 'business partners'. The financial crisis brought CFOs and their teams to the forefront of decision making. The challenge ahead is how to sustain this strategic influence now that the corporate focus is moving from survival to growth. What more can CFOs offer to help support decision making and value creation within the business?

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Chief Performance Officer