Mining Intelligence and Benchmarking (MIB)

Data is your most valuable strategic resource

PwC maintains the leading database of open cut mining equipment performance in the world. PwC Mining Intelligence and Benchmarking (MIB) enables mining organisations to unleash the value of the data. Click each area on the figure below to find out how…

Just as a smart consumer researches, analyses and compares information on purchases as minor as a mobile phone, an astute mining operator shouldn't purchase mining equipment based on information gleaned from glossy brochures or flashy websites.

Our expertise can help you increase output by ensuring you purchase the right equipment for any job. We also provide valuable input to allow you to make the best decisions for your mine, in your area. Best of all, we deliver our complex knowledge in a simple way.

PwC's Mining Intelligence and Benchmarking is a PwC service offering

In September 2013 PwC acquired the GBI Mining Intelligence business. This is core to PwC's consulting business which provides mining clients with asset benchmarking, productivity and analytics services.