PwC and The University of Melbourne Agility study

PwC and the University of Melbourne's Faculty of Business and Economics together have launched a study into organisational agility.

Phase 1 of the study has tested our agility model, which identifies the various organisational practices that can be leveraged to help boost agility. We call this the 'HVP Agility Model'.

View our webcast with Richard Shackcloth and Graham Sewell

What is the HVP Agility Model?

We view agility as a multi-dimensional capability that comprises three underlying capacities – Horizon (H), Velocity (V), and Plasticity (P). When aligned with Culture, Strategy and Leadership, these capacities enable an organisation to effectively adapt and respond to environmental turbulence.

What is organisational agility?

Organisational agility refers to an organisation's ability to continuously adapt and thrive in a world marked by rapid changes in technology, regulation and economic and competitive pressures.

Why is this necessary?

Organisational agility is increasingly being recognised as a key determinant of business success in a volatile and globalised world.

Organisations spend significant amount of money on change management in an attempt to be more agile, yet 60 - 70% of change programs are not working. Getting a better understanding of the drivers and common features of organisational agility will help better design and implement change programs in such a way that makes change stick.

What makes this unique?

The term 'agility' has emerged over the last decade, but has tended to concentrate on improving one feature of an organisation's operation, such as building an effective information system, developing a market orientation, sharing knowledge or creating a culture of innovation. This will be the first time that anyone has examined agility at the concept level in an integrated and comprehensive way, and undertaken to identify all the basic and universal competencies of agility.

This research will also provide the first 'single' measure of an organisation's overall level of agility. This 'agility quotient' will provide a reliable predictor of how well any organisation is positioned to thrive in a volatile, turbulent and globalised world. It will also allow the construction of an Agility Index - enabling comparison by sector, market and a variety of other organisational parameters.

What do we hope to achieve?

The Agility Index will represent a breakthrough in understanding and predicting what makes organisations able to thrive in a volatile and rapidly-changing 21st century marketplace. This research will provide practical insight as to what internal competencies are required to ensure a healthier, more agile organisation of the future.

If you are interested in learning more about the first phase of this study, are keen to be involved in our 2nd phase or simply want to discuss agility in the context of your organisation, please contact us today.